The Borghi’s History

Today we will talk about the “Borghi“. We will explain their history, what they are and how they developed through the centuries. What are the borghi? The Borghi are fortified settlements that have developed over the centuries around or within the walls of a castle or a fortified military fortress. These were mainly built ofContinue reading “The Borghi’s History”

Altoculumus Lenticularis

A MOTHER NATURE WORK OF ART Today we will talk about the altocumulus lenticularis. Before talking about this masterpiece of natural art created by mother nature, let’s start from the beginning… What is an Altocumulus? Altocumulus are not an alien spacecraft ready to attack the planet as it might seem at times, but rather aContinue reading “Altoculumus Lenticularis”

Torano Nuovo

HISTORY of Torano Nuovo Torano is a borgo of 1561 inhabitants located on a hill at 240 m above sea level, overlooking the Vibrata Spring. The town’s name originates from the ancient god Turan, goddess of fertility. The addition Nuovo (new in English) was added by Vittorio Emanuele II king of Italy in 1864 toContinue reading “Torano Nuovo”


HISTORY of Ancarano Ancarano is a little town of 1897 inhabitants on 293 m. above sea level. It’s located on the border between Marche and Abruzzo in the centre of Italy very close to the Adriatic sea. Here life still follows the slow circadian movements of the sun and the moon. Its panoramic position thatContinue reading “Ancarano”